Leadership Development

Your organization starts with you. At Unison we believe that a single strong leader can make all the difference. That’s why we design pathways for different key roles in your organization so that you can become the leader your company needs.

Become A Genuine Leader And Make A Difference

When it comes to making a difference in the world, there’s no denying that leadership is essential. When you have genuine leaders who put others first, they inspire those around them to do the same. Unison helps organizations by developing thriving individuals through interpersonal awareness, emotional intelligence, values & ethics, proactivity, and responsibility.

We also give proper feedback so that each individual takes personal accountability for contributing to the team. We view your organization as a system of people working together with one purpose: to make a difference for all involved.

We Build Strong and Capable Leaders

Your organization starts with you, the leader. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to leadership in your organization. Many different qualities go into being a successful leader, and what works for some may not work for others.

That’s why at Unison, we believe in developing leaders holistically—not just their skills but also who they are inside and out. With our programs designed to develop strong and capable leaders, you will be empowered to make your mark on the world through leading by example!

The Tools You Need to Grow Your Organization’s Potential

Leadership has always been about guiding others towards success through these four components: visioning/ideation; goal setting; planning & executing; and motivation & inspiration.

These components give leaders their competitive edge in business by making them more effective at project management, delegation skills, team building activities, and customer service.

At Unison, we offer an experience tailored specifically for leaders within organizations. Our program helps executive teams and leaders grow personally and professionally by giving them a new mindset and innovative, personalized guidance.

We Offer Different Ways To Develop as a Leader

Our individual leadership development training offers a few ways to start growing, whether as an organization or as an individual, in different settings.

Cohort Participants are teams of leaders from one organization who all join at once and follow the same content at the same time over a year period. Pathway Participants are people in a specific role that follow one pathway, but can start at different times as needed. Finally, Open Enrollment Participants are for individual team members from any role.

Organizational change is not something organizations should ‘feel’ their way through. Unison has come in to show that there is a strategy for how to shape and mature ANY company, while ensuring that the change fits our company culture and desired outcomes.

Let’s Build a Thriving Organization.

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