How We Work

Let’s thrive together! At Unison, we work towards making your organization climb to its highest peak and bringing your team together with our guiding model.

How Our Guiding Model Works

Our Guiding Model is designed to help organizations (or individuals) operate with the right mindset about leadership & management and grow through experiential activities. Activating these key mindset shifts will allow them to learn holistically while leading and managing more successfully. We do this by providing guidance and tools at every stage of an organization’s growth – from the initial stages of startup to managing day-to-day operations or scaling into new markets.
Become the Guide

Start to implement your newly mastered skills within your own teams and guide others in the skills you have learned to keep these elements working, and your organization thriving.

Guided Mastery

Get to know your Guide. Your Guide helps you apply new principles and navigate through a series of applications that will help you build a mastery of the skills through support and coaching.

Paradigm Shift

Learn to think in a new way. Through a set of experiences and activities targeting key mindset shifts, we guide you through new knowledge and skills and prepare you to take change on for yourself.

A World Full of Resilient, Healthy Organizations

The world is a global community, and we want to be an integral part of it. A world full of resilient, healthy organizations that place people at the heart of their success. That’s what Unison is all about. 

Our ultimate aim is to allow all guide teams to be autonomous with as little bureaucracy and as much support as possible to thrive in a sustainable environment where they can build on their strengths and achieve success for themselves.

Learn how to Lead Your Team to Succeed

We’ve helped organizations from many industries come together as one cohesive unit. We guide leaders into a new era of health, wellness, and productivity through innovative ideas and a unique learning model.

Instead of teaching you one way of creating and shaping your company culture, we guide you in the process of defining and implementing it yourself.

3 Delivery Methods

We have built 3 types of experiences that are perfectly tailored to achieve your goals, whether that’s growing your executive team or developing your culture.

Organizational Development
We work closely with leadership teams to develop a customized growth strategy that will help them scale their unique culture, build their operating model and grow into executive leaders.
Organizational Development
Individual Development
We equip individuals with the mindsets, knowledge and skills they need to manage, to lead and to transform their teams and organizations.
Individual Development
People Ops Systems
We know how much time and effort goes into managing an organization. That's why we plan, create and implement an organizational system that works for you!
People Ops Systems

The right guidance to make your organization thrive

You can rest easy knowing that your Guide and your experience will be tailored to suit you. At Unison, we’re all about teaching you and helping your organization.

Through this method, you’ll work directly with one (or more) of our partners and create a staffing agreement, so everything is clear between all parties involved while also ensuring our needs are met as we advance.

Let’s Build a Thriving Organization.

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